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Crystal Blair
Network Development Specialist
Kansas City, MO

I've been with MultiPlan for nine years. I appreciate the opportunity to grow within the company. I started my career in the Contact Center in the Waltham, Massachusetts office. Then I transferred to the Service Operations department and most recently moved into Network Development. I'm now a Network Development Specialist in the Kansas City, Missouri office.

MultiPlan has offices across the country. I'm a military spouse and have been able to take advantage of MultiPlan's many office locations, which has enabled me to relocate and stay with the company.

Coming to MultiPlan has been a good career move. The exposure you get to other departments, the training that's provided - it's endless, and really up to you if you want to expand and learn more, the tools are there.
Doug Liquori
Senior Analyst
New York, NY

I've been with MultiPlan for eight years. This is the first job I've ever had in which I actually look forward to coming to work. I enjoy my job and my bosses treat me as an equal. They value my opinions and suggestions rather than discouraging them. I feel like an integral part of the team; things like that really boost employee morale in my opinion. I like that my job changes from day to day. It's a very diverse position and I work with all levels of staff from different areas of the company. It makes for a very rewarding experience.

I referred a friend to work here a few years back and he loved it. And I'd do the same again. The working environment is professional and the company's success offers a sense of stability. MultiPlan isn't just a job, it's a career. And one in which I'm proud to say I'm a part.
Emily Szczypek
Bedford, MA

I've been working here for 11 years. The people -- from the receptionist to management -- are wonderful to work with.

It's great that my job has many facets so it varies from day to day. MultiPlan has many opportunities for growth and I take advantage of any cross training that is offered.

The benefits are very good. I earned my Bachelor's Degree with the help of MultiPlan's tuition reimbursement benefit. There are also many internal courses offered for professional enrichment.

It's important to me to work for a company that places importance on philanthropy. Our office has a charitable giving committee that organizes fundraising activities and makes it fun for us to get involved and help people in the community.
Mary Callahan
Waltham, MA

I've been working here for 21 years and hope to work here for another 21! When I was considering working at MultiPlan, I liked that it was a large, growing company, with offices and contacts all over the United States.

I love representing MultiPlan as the Receptionist. I am often the first impression that a visitor, candidate or client has of MultiPlan and I'm respected for my role in representing the company.

I like that MultiPlan employees help each other out. If I ever have a question, I know there's someone to turn to.
Julio E. Lopez
Manager of Reporting & Analytics / HCE
Naperville, IL

At MultiPlan, I've been encouraged to "dream big" and not settle for the status quo. I am given the time and resources to pursue new ideas and make them a reality. It's rewarding and exciting to be in an environment that supports and encourages creative thinking and innovation.

I really enjoy the dynamic nature of our work. No day is the same and I am consistently working on diverse projects from all areas of the business. This gives me many opportunities to continue to learn and develop as a professional.

A lot of companies offer nice environments and friendly coworkers. What's unique about MultiPlan is that this extends through all levels of the organization. I have been mentored and supported by the executives on my team. It's a positive and inspiring workplace where all members of the organization are invested in each other and are valued for their contributions.
Jeff Stowe
IT Application Analyst
Tampa, FL

I learned about MultiPlan while working as a consultant. I was so impressed with what I saw that I later applied for a full-time position.

The company values its employees, promotes a healthy work-life balance, offers great career opportunities and a generous compensation and benefits program. This shows in the attitudes of my colleagues - I have never met someone at MultiPlan who has been anything but courteous, professional and just plain nice.

In my job, I like that I never know what challenge is going to be presented next. And it's rewarding to be given the freedom to make suggestions that influence and change processes where there are opportunities for improvement. The company really appreciates a job well done and recognizes employees for their contributions.
Karl Pulido
Senior Claims Resolution Specialist
Naperville, IL

Working here at MultiPlan gave my career a boost. I now have opportunities to grow and am challenged to be the best that I can be. And the company is consistently evolving which creates endless opportunities for growth.

As a Senior Claims Resolution Specialist I like the daily interactions with the healthcare providers in our networks. We discuss claims and come to a fair agreement on reimbursement. It's challenging but very rewarding.

It's nice that the company constantly shows appreciation for hard work and rewards employees for their accomplishments.

MultiPlan is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V