Identifying Participants

Currently an estimated 68 million consumers access our network products. Health plans that use the networks are responsible for providing their participants with evidence that they are eligible to access the networks. Most health plans meet this requirement by providing their participants with identification cards that identify the network(s).

The sample ID card, front and back shown below, illustrates use of the PHCS Network logo for primary PPO access, and the MultiPlan Network logo on the reverse for complementary network access. If you have questions about how to identify participants eligible to access the MultiPlan and PHCS Networks, visit our FAQ section or call our Service Operations department at (800) 950-7040.

We also recommend that you contact the patient's health plan to obtain eligibility information before rendering any services. You can do this by calling the number on your patient's identification card.

Sample ID Card Front Sample ID Card Back

The card also typically will list, on the card front and/or back:

  • Plan participant information;
  • Co-payment or encounter fee amount;
  • Claims address; and
  • Separate telephone numbers for obtaining eligibility and benefit information for locating providers and for pre-certifying treatment.

Other Ways to Identify Plan Participant
Please note that some participants may continue to carry an ID card featuring older PHCS and/or MultiPlan logos. The logos representing primary PPO access are shown below. Participants carrying older ID cards with these logos have the right to access the PHCS Network on the same basis as those carrying an ID card featuring the new PHCS Network logo.

The older logos representing national complementary network access are shown below:

This logo represents primary PPO access to the MultiPlan Network.

In rare circumstances you will receive direct notification from the participant's health plan (via phone or fax) identifying the PHCS Network or the MultiPlan Network as the participant's network. Also, in limited circumstances and with prior notification to affected providers, the client's logo, and not MultiPlan's will indicate access to the MultiPlan Network.