ValuePoint: Consumerism

Consumerism takes a number of shapes - High Deductible Health Plans, Health Savings Accounts, etc. - but its end result is the same. Consumers are taking on an increasing financial responsibility for their healthcare purchases, whether through changes in their employer sponsored coverage, loss of coverage altogether, or other reductions. Here are some observations that healthcare experts are making.

One-third of firms did not offer health insurance coverage in 2007.

47 percent of the uninsured are full-time workers.

20 percent of large employers offer consumer-directed health plans, up from 14 percent one year ago.

Nearly 40 percent of the uninsured population reside in households that earn $50,000 or more.

59 percent of surveyed employers said they will raise employee out-of-pocket spending limits in 2009.

Sources: The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Mercer's National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, U.S. Census

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