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Negotiation Services

Millions of dollars are spent annually in uncontrolled costs from non-contracted healthcare services. Clients accessing a MultiPlan network product have a built-in option to help manage these out-of-network costs.

MultiPlan Negotiation Services is supported by state-of-the-art technology, our extensive experience in managing a network of over half a million providers, and the 40 million claims we reduce each year through our network and non-network solutions. Armed with this wealth of information and an equally rich set of industry benchmarks, our thanapproximately 300 negotiators and support staff work individually with non-contracted providers to craft mutually beneficial cost reductions based on comparative data. In the process, providers receive payment faster, and are buffered from the more arbitrary Reasonable and Customary cost reductions that can take them completely out of the decision-making process. MultiPlan's Negotiation Services agreements ensure that patients aren't billed for the difference between original and negotiated charges so health plan participants benefit, too.

MultiPlan Negotiation Services is integrated tightly with the MultiPlan Network, so claims not priced through the network can be automatically and immediately directed for fee negotiation. The result is a high degree of success in the shortest time available in the industry today.