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Non-Network Solutions

By using MultiPlan's PPO networks, you will significantly reduce your exposure to non-network claims and increase your healthcare savings. But even the most robust PPO networks in the industry won’t fully protect you from costly non-network rates. That’s why MultiPlan offers two options to protect you from the uncontrolled costs of non-contracted healthcare services:

  • Negotiation Services. Using a number of sophisticated benchmarks, our team of more than 300 negotiators reach out to non-contracted providers to negotiate reductions on specific claims. The provider signs off on any savings applied to the claim, ensuring your members aren’t billed the difference between original and negotiated charges.

  • Medical Reimbursement Analysis. Using extensive cost data and claims history, recommended reductions are made to more closely align reimbursements with similar claims at similar providers. To maximize provider acceptance, our programs handle provider inquiries and also help patients who may be billed by the provider for the balance.

Clients can include one or both of these services in their cost management solution, and those who use both can choose which service is accessed first.

Learn more about Negotiation Services. Learn more about our Medical Reimbursement Analysis products Data iSight and Viant Facility Usual & Customary Review.