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Specialty Networks

In addition to our primary and complementary PPO networks, MultiPlan offers a number of specialty networks that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Government Programs
Our national primary PPO, the PHCS Network, can be customized for use with government programs including Medicaid. We work with clients to complement their direct contracts, typically strengthening their practitioner networks in certain geographic areas or for specific provider specialties. Our networks are supporting several government programs, including:

Auto Medical
The MultiPlan Auto Medical Network is a network of providers that treat injuries related to an automobile accident. With more than 2,500 hospitals, 70,000 ancillary care facilities and nearly 525,000 professionals, our network offers access to a large variety of providers who can give the type of quality care necessary for the injured party to recover while reducing your medical bills.

National Discount Card Network
ValuePoint by MultiPlan® is our national discount card network. Discounts are offered in exchange for payment in full by the member at the point of service. Click here to learn more about ValuePoint.

Workers' Compensation
The MultiPlan Workers' Compensation Network is a network of providers that treat work-related injuries or illnesses. With over 2,200 hospitals, 60,000 ancillary care facilities and 475,000 professionals representing a wide range of specialties, this network gives employees access to the type of effective care they need to recover and return to work more quickly while keeping your medical costs down. Learn about our network and other solutions for workers' compensation carriers here.

Let us help strengthen your next bid! If you are planning to respond to an RFP, think about using MultiPlan's networks to shore up your network coverage and strengthen your bid. Contact us at 866.750.7427 or at