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Comprehensive Solutions for government healthcare payers

Provider information for Medicaid

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Solutions for Government Healthcare PayersCustomized government healthcare networks and payment integrity programs

Provider information for Medicaid

Provider information for Medicare Advantage

Value We Deliver:
  • Healthcare networks provide access to high quality healthcare providers for the most vulnerable populations
  • Healthcare payment integrity resolves waste and abuse either after or before you pay, so you spend less time and money reclaiming overpayments
Programs We Serve:
  • Medicaid and CHIP
  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage
  • Veterans Administration
  • Federal and State Agencies
Building Custom Networks Where and When You Need Them

To help a TRICARE plan administrator provide healthcare support to U.S. military and their families, MultiPlan built a network of 23,000 healthcare providers in only six months. What’s more, we did it in the middle of winter. Our dedicated team braved travel to Alaska, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota in harsh weather conditions to personally recruit providers.

Let our network development expertise, and the nearly 900,000 NCQA-accredited providers we already contract with, help deliver speed to market for your public-sector health plans.

Examples of Medicaid Networks We've Built

STAR One MCO, all RSAs

STAR+PLUS 3 MCOs, West, Northeast and Central MRSAs

STAR Kids 2 MCOs, West, Northeast and Central MRSAs

CHIP/Perinatal One MCO, all RSAs

Medicare Advantage Payer Services

Need help meeting network adequacy requirements? Want quick entry into new markets? Whether for filing support or ongoing access, MultiPlan can be a part of your strategy.

  • We have longstanding, direct contracts with a million healthcare providers.
  • We have extensive experience building networks, educating and onboarding healthcare providers with government-specific requirements and ongoing credentialing.
White PaperAnalysis of CMS public use data puts annual payment integrity savings at $2 billionA recent MultiPlan-conducted study found a weighted error rate of 1.15% on Medicare claims compared to the 4.5% rate from our commercial claims experience – cleaner, but still a huge opportunity for medical expense reduction.Get Our Medicare Waste and Abuse White Paper
Contact UsLet MultiPlan's custom network development and payment integrity services improve the competitiveness and effectiveness of your public-sector healthcare programs. Learn more