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Quick Reference Guide
Click here for a copy of our provider Quick Reference Guide.

Contacting Provider Service
Contact our Government Business Service Center for issues related to your participation in our Medicare Advantage network, such as:

  • Ask questions about your participation status
  • Report changes to your demographic information
  • Inquire about our credentialing criteria
  • Request a copy of your provider contract
  • Submit credentialing applications (W-9 required)

Email -
Phone - 866-971-7427
Fax - 630-799-3587
Mail - MultiPlan, ATTN: GBSC, 6116 Shallowford Road Suite109B, Chattanooga TN 37421

Changing Demographic Information and Provider Panels
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires our clients that are Medicare Advantage Sponsors to maintain information regarding network adequacy and availability. To support this requirement, MultiPlan asks all providers participating in our Medicare Advantage Network to inform us of any changes to your provider directory information (e.g., street address, phone number, office hours) and whether you accept new patients. Please promptly inform MultiPlan of any changes to this information.

Recognizing the MultiPlan Medicare Advantage Network
The Medicare Advantage ID card identifies the plan and payer and may contain the MultiPlan Medicare Advantage (or Beech Street Network) logo. The MultiPlan network accessed by the Medicare Advantage plan may be referenced in the claim reimbursement documentation.

Verifying Eligibility
To verify eligibility, contact the payer as indicated on the patient’s Medicare Advantage ID card.

Submitting Claims
Submit claims as indicated on the member’s Medicare Advantage ID card. Inquiries regarding payment related issues should be directed to the payer. It is the payer’s responsibility to ensure that payments are made in compliance with the program.

Note that MultiPlan does not reprice or pay Medicare Advantage claims. Contact the payer listed on the member ID card for questions regarding claim payment.

Code of Conduct
MultiPlan’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics contains the legal and ethical standards of conduct required of all parties with which MultiPlan contracts. We expect that all providers participating with MultiPlan to comply with our Code’s high ethical, moral and legal principles in every aspect of their business conduct.

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