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MultiPlan's Dental Payment Integrity Services


Dental Payment Integrity Services 

Ensuring payment accuracy for dental claims


Dental Payment Integrity
Automation using intelligent clinical algorithms transforms the model from “pay and chase” to “detect and prevent.”

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Unique, real-time issues detection
Much of dental waste, abuse and fraud addressed today by payers is in a post-payment model.  MultiPlan’s Dental Payment Integrity service allows for pre-payment analysis by using intelligent algorithms combining clinical knowledge, informatics and forensics to analyze dental claims with a high level of scrutiny.  By codifying the results of clinical reviews performed by specialty-appropriate dentists trained in informatics and forensics, our service allows for a move to a pre-payment model.  Optional behavior corrective communication tools are also available.


Dental Payment Integrity Key Benefits

  • • Near real-time data delivery
  • • Extensive dental claims data knowledge
  • • Simple “pay” and “don’t pay” flags with detailed explanations
  • • Detects issues early and with precision
  • • Complements existing adjudication solutions
  • • Self-service dashboard allows for real-time insight into analyses



The only fully-automated dental pre-payment solution
Only MultiPlan’s Dental Payment Integrity ´╗┐service is designed by dental experts and focused on detecting issues in every claim, even the low dollar, high volume, repetitive issues that are too resource intensive for traditional manual review methods. Dental Payment Integrity allows for early issues detection, with precision, delivers five times more savings than average methods. Let us get your organization started on the path of reclaiming lost dollars on over-paid dental claims.
MultiPlan Payment Integrity




Learn about our different approachOnly MultiPlan offers an industry leading heritage for both medical & dental payment integrity. We know payment integrity, we know providers, and we know pre-payment. Who better to provide solutions that take your historically retroactive process upstream? Contact us